Personal Training

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Price of a single personal training session is $39.99.

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Everyone has different needs and goals when they start a new strength and conditioning program. Whether your specific goal is losing weight, increasing strength, improving technique, developing a skill set, or simply because you prefer a more personal setting; PERSONAL TRAINING IS FOR YOU.

Working one-on-one with a trainer will ensure FASTER RESULTS for multiple reasons. You will work closely with someone that can identify your goals and design an individualized program just for you. In addition, the trainer will scale each movement for you, teach you the proper technique and correct form; all of which increase the likelihood of attaining the desired results and minimize the risk of injury.

An added benefit to personal training is that we offer a very flexible schedule. Private coaching can be scheduled not only during business hours, but also when we are closed to the public. This way, you can fit your training sessions in your busy schedule and feel comfortable on a private space with a set-up designed just for you.

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Personal Training

30 min, 1 Hour, 3 Hours

2 reviews for Personal Training

  1. Natalia Acosta Conde

    The best place to workout, Chris and Jessica are the best trainers!!! I’ve been training for a month and have seen changes in my body.

  2. Eunice Leon

    This is the best place if you want to see results. I was at another place for three years with little result and just coming here for a month is amazing, you can see your hard work really pay off. Chris and Jessie are the best coaches that really install a discipline in you. I recommend this place immensely.

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